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Synchronize your Foobar2000 playlists with your Android device (or any other MP3 player)

I recently decided I wanted to synchronize some of my music with my Nexus One. I quickly discovered that the Nexus One didn't support WMA audio files. I also discovered there weren't any out-of-the-box solutions for syncing audio files and playlists with the flexibility I required. So I decided to write my own between two World Cup matches. I felt the script might be useful to other people and I couldn't find a suitable place to put it. So I am dumping it here.
You will need the following software installed to use this script.Foobar2000Com Automation Server for Foobar2000Python 2.6.*Win32 Extensions for PythonFFmpegAll my music files are currently in WMA format. This will change in the future but until then the script converts the files into MP3 using FFmpeg. This can be changed if you need by adjusting the function "convert_file".Copy and paste the code below into a file called You may need to edit some of the settings at the top of the file. If y…
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