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Powershell Performance

Recently, I have grown fond of Powershell. As someone who is also responsible for a little administration from time to time it quickly caught my eye as a language that could solve many mundane problems quickly and succinctly. Having originally come from a UNIX background I could see the Powershell Development Team had taken the best features from Korn Shell and Perl then combined them with the .NET framework to provide a very powerful tool.However, it's not all a bed of roses and this will become clear as you read on.I have recently been analysing various files containing financial tick data. Typically there are around two million lines in a file and each contains a comma delimited string with a date, time, price and amount traded of a particular stock. For this analysis I needed to extract a single column from this file and save it in a new file. The new file actually being used as input for GNU Octave.The ProblemThis task is typical and can easily be done with a tool such as Per…